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15 Must have Food in Monsoon season

Nature has its own way of nourishing us, and the seasonal foods and vegetables are the perfect health moderators when it comes to what to eat in which season. Hair hall and skin infections are the common things that the moisture in the air and humidity in rainy seasons brings along.
So this post is all about the healing that we can have with the food that we choose to eat during the monsoon season, so heres your quick guide for the food2go4 this monsoon.

1. Water : Probably drinking lots of water is good in all the seasons.Include lots of fluid in your diet and keep consuming water through the day.

2. Fruits: Seasonal fruits like pears, Jamun, plum, cherries, lychee, peaches and pomegranates should be consumed more for nutrients like fibre, vitamin A and C and antioxidants. Pomegranates packed with vitamins, especially vitamin C, that ensures that the protein in your body is properly metabolized. Apples are great to have in monsoon, they makes sure that your digestive system is functioning properly.

3. Pears : I have kept it out of the list of fruits as pears has the immunity boosting potential of pears. However, it is really amazing to know that this crispy fruit is a treasure trove of assorted vitamins and minerals, all which actually shield you from diseases commonly floating around during the monsoon. Along with being a good source of fiber, the crunchy off white fruit contains a good quantity of copper, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. Pear is a natural antipyretic agent as it helps in cooling the body and thereby easing the fever. Try to have the desi pear not the hybrids that are available in the market.

4. Vegetables: This is the season of gourds, like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, ridge gourd, Indian squash, etc. Add plenty of these veggies in your daily diet. They not only high on water content but are also light so are easily digested.

5. Honey : Highly rich in antioxidants and low on sugar is a perfect choice to include in your diet during monsoon.Being antibacterial & loaded with antioxidants it improves the immunity.

6. Moong Dal : This green pulse is loaded with antibacterial and anti viral properties thus is ideal to consume as dal, khichdi , soup and is good for digestion as well, no wonder its given while someone is sick.

7. Green coriander leaves: Who doesn’t like to garnish the veggies with finely chopped coriander leaves, surprisingly this magic herb adds more than just a good taste to our dishes. The leaves contain detoxifying and immune enhancing essential oils that prevent infections.

8. Soups: Try and consume soup made from the lentils, fresh vegetables as this stimulates the digestive enzymes in our body and restores strength and vitality while its light as well.

9.Turmeric : Turmeric is one spices that’s loaded with antioxidants try turmeric infused milk when you get a bout of cough or fever. Surprisingly Turmeric is also known to keep the blood sugar levels under control. You can drink a glass of milk with ½ teaspoon milk with 1 tsp honey in to safeguard yourself from monsoon illnesses.

10. Black pepper : After Turmeric , this is the most used spice in Indian kitchen and is loaded with health benefits. Black pepper is a natural antidote for fever, cough, cold, muscular pain, flu, and various respiratory conditions. So include it in your soup, in your tea or just sprinkle it over your food to add the spice and good health is complimentary.

11. Almonds : A handful of almonds are a thing for every season so does the Almond ads in TV claims.Eat almonds and they will add health to your body minus the calories, so they say. Quite low on fat, almonds are packed with various nutrients that are beneficial for your health. This tasty nut enhances your digestive fire, keeps your sugar levels under control, and offers a powerful shield from various diseases.

12. Indian Spices: Apart from turmeric other Indian spices like Cumin, Black pepper,black salt , pippali etc fights various infections and keep us healthy.

13. Garlic : Magic from the kitchen , Garlic is packed with antioxidants, the white cloves are rich with immunity boosting properties. And they ease our digestive system while ensuring that our metabolic rate does not go down while everything else is slowing down in this season.You can add crushed garlic cloves to any food of your choice, make chutneys, add in bread and paranthas. But whats important is just have this in your diet.

14. Ginger: If you love adarak wali chai than Monsoon offers more than one reason to include this in your food, have it in your tea, use in kadha’s , veggies and having it with honey also strengthens the ability to keep cold and cough at way. Ginger is also good to fight throat inflammations and stomach alignment.

15. Beetroot : If you are done having Greens than its time to add some other color. This is a power veggie packed with the goodness of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including potassium, fibre, and folic acid, beets are amazingly low in calories. It is an ideal veggie when it comes to detoxifying your body. You can have a glass of beetroot juice everyday during the monsoon to revive and revitalize your stamina and keep you healthy during the monsoon. Boil and make salads , Raita, Parantha but just add this to your diet.

So now you know what all needs to make to your plate and your diet this monsoon alongside there are few things that we need to avoid to be in best of our health,
Rains , Chai & Pakroa go hand in hand, so while its good to indulge in this India’s favourite Rain check snacking but try and avoid fried food as much as possible. We see green all around but some green vegetables can also get us in trouble if not washed properly so ensure you wash your vegetables and fruits properly before consuming them, now a days there are fruit and vegetable wash are readily available.
Monsoon season is also the breeding season for Sea animals so try and avoid sea food during this time. The temperature and moisture levels during monsoon is just perfect for bacterial and fungal growth therefore there’s the added risk of waterborne diseases. So, it’s best to avoid eating out.

Stay healthy and Stay safe this Monsoon.

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11 comments on “15 Must have Food in Monsoon season

  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow such a perfect post for monsoon season. Soups are my personal favorite and I love to try different kinds of soups during monsoon.

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  2. Informative and well-articulated post. I was happy to see Pears in the list as we are having a lot these days.


  3. Oh we eat all the above expect honey. We somehow cannot digest the taste of honey unless diluted well.

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  6. Perfect one for the season and I’m sure this would definitely be searched on the net a lot of times. I’ve been including these listed in my diet. Thanks for the compilation. Will refer in future.#tmmreads

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