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Recipe for Immunity booster Drink

In these corona times we are all looking forward for smaller things that we can do at home to keep ourselves safe and sound.

Everything starts with our immunity, if we are able to boost our immunity we can safeguard ourself from the infection or at least the ill effect of the virus on us and can have faster recovery. As they say precaution is better than cure Today’s recipe is going to focus on our immunity and how we can build it up.

In our kitchen we have answers to most of our health problem and that’s what Ayurveda says. In this recipe we are going to use four ingredients from our kitchen which are available in almost every Indian household and these four ingredients are loaded with health benefits. The first ingredient is turmeric we all know about turmeric and its health benefits its medicinal in nature and has an active compound called as cucumin and this compound has got tremendous immunity boosting properties but to the do that it requires black papers. In this recipe you will need turmeric black pepper clove and lemon.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients :-

1. Raw turmeric 3-4 thin slices or you can use half a spoon turmeric powder

2. 3-4 cloves

3. 5-6 black pepper

4 half lemon

5. A glass of water


Cut the Raw Turmeric into thin slices,if you don’t have Raw Turmeric which looks like Ginger you can take the regular turmeric powder that you have available in your kitchen, take cloves, black pepper , add water and put it in a boiling Pan or kettle let it let it boil. Once this has boiled take it down and sieve it.

Now add half a lemon to this and the Immunity booster drink is ready.Most important thing to remember about this drink is that you have to consume it hot if you are sensitive to drinking it hot you can still let it cool to be lukewarm but it should not be cold because all the properties of this concoction works when it is is hot. Try to make it fresh every time you have step outside or you suspect of being exposed to somebody who has Corona. All the ingredients in this drink are verygood for your immune system. Lemon ads the vitamin C to this drink and makes it very healthy.

You can also check out the video on YouTube for this recipe.

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