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Fat to Fit Recipe by Pooja Makhija

Food has all the answers to most of your problems, if not all at least most of the body alignment can be addressed with the right kind of diet. If you are on the higher side of the weight than you are in a constant quest to control it and you tend to try various diets and exercises.

I had been dealing with this for over a decade now but this particular video from Pooja Makhija , was absolutely great to try.

Really inspired me to try it and therefore have thought sharing on my blog. This article is inspired by her video for FOOD2GO4 readers.

Cumin :

This is one ingredient that makes Indian vegetables / sabji tasty. I had been a fan of Jeera for the long be it in the routine vegetables or in roasted form in the raita / Chaach. But do you know its loaded with amazing health benefits. Check out this blog on food2go4 for health benefits of Jeera .

Flaxseeds :

Alsi in hindi , is an amazing seed loaded with multi nutrients. Flaxseeds are loaded with fibers, omega 3 fatty acids that helps in reducing your cravings and enhances the metabolic rate. And this is very elemental for weight loss, this is also known to increase your immunity.

Ajwain ( Carrom seeds ) :

Carom seeds had lots of fibers, that helps in gut health and enhances the digestion process. Caron seeds is also known to produce heat in our body and that helps in burning the fat. Have you joined any weight loss program or tried sauna belt, if yes that what the heat from outside does to your body is what the caron seeds do inside our body, so undoubtedly helps in weight loss.

Fennel seeds ( Sauf ) :

If you have been asked to have fennel seeds water than you know what it does, It helps in the blood flow in the body and ensures good supply of blood to vital organs like heart, kidney, liver etc to , it improves in digestion like acidity etc. Further this helps in fighting water retention in the body helps in addressing the bloating problem.Further most important thing that sauf does is helps controls the stress eating , it regulated the urge of eating and cools down our mind . This is one reason why it is had as a mouth freshener after food and it really helps the entire body not just freshens up the breath.

Cinnamon :

It increases the metabolic rate of the body thus helps you convert the food consumed into energy not fat, thus is very elemental in weight loss.

So here goes the recipe if you have not checked the video above

Recipe :

1 Spoon of each of the all ingredients above.

Dry roast it on the Tawa, let it cool and grind it into fine powder. Every morning have it empty stomach in hot water and Add Half a lemon.

you also have to do the following along with the magic #Weightloss drink.

  • Yoga – 10 mins Kapal Bharti & Anlog – vilom

  • Walk – 20 minutes in the evening

So just 3 steps to great weight loss , all you need to do is just take this magic mixture in the morning in water with lemon and do yoga for 20 minutes followed with 20 minutes of walking after dinner.

Sounds easy , Start it today.

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