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Lockers at Mystery of Food

Indirapuram restaraunt had been on a spree to woohooo you with their exciting offerings and the dinning scene is getting better day by day in this part of the city. While Ghaziabad may be still UP, Indirapuram is all gearing up to compete with the Dinning scene and clubbing scene of Delhi and Gurgaon and over a dozen new bars and restaurants have come up in less than six months and even the existing ones are reinventing themselves with unique offerings to be the best they could be.

Mystery of Food had been at Eros mall for quite a while and though it operates at not so happening mall – Eros Mall but the place is truly happening and only improving over time.

I have visited this place almost 2 years back and frankly speaking wasn’t sure that a place will not only maintain itself but would improve in the ambience over time.

The bar area has increased multifold than it used to be and that speaks for itself

Now let me talk of something that was truly exciting here, food off course is great as ever but what I am going to talk of is something really exciting.

Lockers is a thing of bank and we all know how they operate. Customer has one key and Bank retains one key and the lockers open with the combination of both the keys. So have you ever thought of having a locker for your drink bottles , well this places makes you own one.

Not only you can buy a drink but you can keep having from it as and when you visit , and they will ensure that it’s locked & gaurded for you while you are away.

So if you are into drinking and you don’t want to carry the bottle home as you have a family and kids, so just open a locker here and keep a key to yourself for your routine happiness with your glass of drink. Bring in friends and flaunt your new mystery while you stay clean at home…. Drink to your appetite and save the rest for the next visit.

Sounds like a classic , and here you can live it for real.

Explore it to Believe it 😁

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