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Smokey’s BBQ & Grill,Khan Market

It’s Delhi and it’s the happiest when it rains.So here we were at Smokey’s BBQ & Grill in Khan Market this Sunday while the weather in Delhi was absolutely cloud 9. And silver lining was this place where one can let the hair down while it poured like crazy.When a place serves you right with the ambience and the vibe as you enter , all you want to do is dig on the food that it has on offer. With my gang of girls and guilt meal on my mind ordered everything that I might avoid otherwise and #Smokeys really served it well to our taste.Let me start with the Mocktails, being a fruit enthusiast I always pick up drinks that have the fresh fruit in the description. So here goes my drinks1. Watermelon Capriojka Rs. 195/- : A fresh blend of watermelon in lemonade with apple juice, mint , Demerara and marcerated lime. And it was truly super refreshing.2. Kiwi cantaloupe cooler Rs. 195/- : This is definitely a reorder worth drink, fresh kiwi making it even amazing.

I am a potato lover and when I spotted loaded potato jackets in the menu , off course I knew this is something I would love to order. And here it is

Loaded Potato Skin Rs. 395/- : Comes in open half’s of Potato with skin and 3 in numbers. Check out the picture, these mega size potatoes are filled with sour Creame , chives and baked with Cedar cheese. If you can finish 2 of them you are truly a cheese and potato lover, I can’t go beyond 1, thank God we were in a group.

Baked Cheese Nachos Rs. 395/- : No one goes wrong with french fries and Nachos, when with gang for me these 2 things are always the savior and so was this Nachos plate with baked Cheese was handful for all of us, we were on for great conversation and this finger food ensured we had the support of a full plate while we talk.

While we are gearing up for our next sinful order, the Pizza and Burger craving did it’s deed and I said Cottage Cheese Burger and Old school Margherita Pizza. Little did I know this is something I will regret not for food but the guilt trip that followed me after having these 2 deadly things.

Cottage Cheese Burger Rs. 495/- : Most delightful and a plate full of Burger platter I ever had , A burger that’s bigger than my palm and served with handful of French fries , and Salad. And trust me it’s a complete meal.

Old School Margherita Pizza Rs. 450/- : This is something that’s like the basic pizza with Tomato and Mozzarella cheese.

Zucchini French Fries Rs. 425/- : Time to move beyond the regular french fries, these diced zucchini served with the garlic mayo were simply a better version of the regular fries and came with a health insurance.

So that’s how a sumptuous luncheon was loaded with food and good conversations.Finally coming to the desserts here is yet another food you can’t miss at this place.

Baked Oreo & Cheesecake Rs. 340/-: If you love cheese cakes then don’t look any further just try this super yummy baked oreo cheesecake, very soft and tasty.

Apple Crumble Pie Rs. 340/- : Apple pie lovers simply can’t miss this one. Though I have given what I loved as the first option. This comes with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream and is simply nice.

Banofee Pie Rs. 340/- : If you are big fan of Banofee than you must try this for dessert , else you can give it a miss. The centre isloaded with Banofee and the top creme keeps the dessert moist till the last bite. A good try it wasOverall I had an amazing dine in experience at this place with my gang of girls and the service was really something that makes any dine in experience worthwhile, so was this.Address – 51, First floor Khan Market , New Delhi

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