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PlayHouse by Essex Farm Delhi

Being a working mother , I hardly get time with my little ones during the weekdays, and probably the guilt takes over a Saturday to plan out the quality time with them over a Sunday. And in this endeavor of mine I had been constantly hunting for places that I can visit with them having much needed my time with them.

While on a Sunday people don’t want to drive around but I love driving to 10-15 kms as that helps me bond with them in the car , as back seat becomes our playground.

This Sunday we went to this newly opened space called #PlayHouse at #EssexFarms

An enchanting indoor play center designed by child experts for children between the ages of 3 years up to twelve years, witha promise to take care our children for as long as we like to leave them in their care.

An indoor play center much like the park outdoor is a fantastic way to give your child “exercise in disguise” as the kids create havoc running, jumping, climbing and sliding and all this happens indoor in safe space.

Let’s have a look what all kids can enjoy.

Right at the entry is the cute installations that’s a great sight and photo op

As we entered inside the kids were asked to remove the shoes and sanitize their hands something that I have not seen at any other places

Once they entered the zone the entire space was to them along with 2 trained Escorts , helping them understand each area and making them experience each and everything at this space.

While the kids were having fun , me and my husband sat in their specifically curated cafe to have some our time over a cup of coffee. The food is great and all fresh preparation. Mildly spiced as if made for kids.

If you’re looking for fun with kids , games for them and mayhem for your little one, you are at the right place! With the help of numerous child specialists, doctors and experts, PlayHouse has designed an indoor family fun center, suitable for children from ages of 3 years up to twelve years.

So look no further just visit #PlayhouseByEssex

Time : 12noon till 8pm

Charges – Rs. 550/- per person and Adult for half an house & 1 hour Rs. 750/- , in case of additional adult to be allowed with the kid, the charges are Rs. 200/- per person.

Hope you have a great Sunday , and a getaway to a clean space under the sun a relief from the Delhi Pollution.

Good news is they are taking Birthday party orders as well. So go ahead and have a Fun Sunday or make any day a Fun day for kids

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  1. They look happy and beautiful.

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