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Kullad Trending at Chaayos

At Chaayos the Kullad is trending beyond just the the Kullad wali chai. And if you have not been able to check this out here is a quick update on what all you can try at Chaayos that takes the Chai pe chaarcha further.

Kullad wali chai revives the aroma of the Earthen pot and gives a distinct flavor to our unofficially the national drink – Chai. Now imagine if the Kullad remains and chai get replaced by your favorite street food. Yes that’s what Chaayos has done with their Kullad range of menu ( Not that they have announced this but I found it pretty interesting).

Kullad Pao Bhaaji @Rs. 225/- : Everyone loves Pao Bhaaji now just imagine that this bhaji that’s the heart of the dish comes in a Kullad with butter on the top. The aroma of fresh melting butter mixed with the Earthen pot is heavenly. Served with onion and lemon this entire dish is no less than a trip to Chowpati. Presentation also gets a lovely twist.

Kullad Kulche Chole @Rs. 190/- : If you are from Delhi then you simply can’t have enough of this street food. Imagine you don’t have to sweat to get that great street Wala taste and more so when it comes loaded with mayo, 2 well baked Mirchi Kulcha spicing up the entire setting. This is simply irresistible. And one is Sumptuous for a dinner or Lunch fill up as well.

Navratra Platter in Kullad : Not just the normal food I always look forward to Chaayos Navartra menu. And this time the platter came as a great dinner and lunch option for fasting people. This platter came with 3kuttu parantha , Kuttu halwa and Alloo Sabji in 2 kullads.

Kullad Jalebi @Rs 90/- : While we talk of food , how can we keep the Dessert out of it. This Kullad Jalebi is simply droolworthy. Crispy crunchy Jalebi loaded in a Kullad is a mouthful dessert. A sweet treat at it’s best. And this one is good enough to serve 2 people. So if you had a sweet craving ditch the Ice cream or waffles go for India’s very own famous street dessert Jalebi and you can easily carry the Kullad out to have it if you don’t have time. ( I carried mine and microwaved it to have at home and it further revived the Kullad aroma in the Jalebi, but be careful).

So having Earthen pots not only is a good initiative to save the earth from plastic as the Kullad is biodegradable. And you can reuse too.

If you are a non veg lover they do have an option of Kullad Butter chicken priced at 270/ served with 2 kullad full of butter chicken , after all that’s Delhi’s favorite non veg main course option.

To order at home you can order from any delivery platform or Simply log on to

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