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As a mall Marketing person I have researched a lot about Kidzania while we were planning a kids section in the Mall. But it never materialized.

So when Kidzania opened in Noida , I was literally waiting for my kids to turn 4 to be able to visit this place.

Yes, thats the qualifying age for kids to be able to do any task at Kidzania. So when I visited The Dubai Mall and saw the Kidzania store it reminded me back home kids are 4years old now and it’s the about time they should visit Kidzania.

So here we are at Kidzania Noida , making the kids explore the Kidzania world And the kids are all set to fly.

At the Ticket point the Kids are put a RFID watch that helps them access all the activities and also is an identification for everything they will do inside.

And once you are inside the kingdom this is going to be the battle ground for kids while parents play the spectators to their own kids watching them role play a lot of profiles and may be one day they might pick one in real life too.

But before the kids get on to this journey, they have to encash their Cheque of 30 kidzos. Kidzos is the kidzania currency, the kids get to spend this in activities they do and they also get to earn it by the activities they do. But for real food to eat or things to buy one has to spend the real money not kidzos.

So the first activity my kids went to was acting dentist at Dental care.

This allows Age group 4+ and a kid gets to earn 8 kidzos and in one batch there are 4 kids minimum needed. What they do ?. Well they are being told about oral hygiene and then they do a cavity feeling for a dummy Patient. And trusting me this definitely made us smile watching them do all this with so much confidence.

You can watch the entire video to see what all other activities the kids went through and still we missed on more than 50% of the Kidzania world to be explored in the next visit.

Since this is a kids place even the washroom and basins supported kids and the kids had an amazing time here.

Here are few things to be taken care of as Parent while you visit this place

  1. Budget your time well and buy the packs accordingly. We had a 5 hour coupons but we reached at 4:30 and this place gets over by 8 while few activities have their last activity much earlier to that.
  2. Ensure you let the Kid take a round and see what all activities he or she wants to definitely do so that you may keep ticking what’s next.
  3. Make your kids understand that there are activities which will help him earn and there are other activities where he will spend.
  4. Chewing gums not allowed inside the Kidzania, but you may carry bottled water and juices else get ready to spend a good amount.
  5. Parle G baking activity is good as it takes 5 kidzos but also gives ur kid a packet of biscuit that gives a sense of self making the biscuit.
  6. Do the activities like dentist, baking etc etc that had smaller batches first then to Target activities with bigger groups. As they get filled easily.
  7. Do keep checking on ur kid for using washroom before start of an activity else they will make the entire activity go on hold.
  8. Buy the Passport at the entry if you plan to visit the place again and at entry it is discounted as well. And gives the kid opportunity to get more stamps.
  9. Prep up the kid for the driving licence so that the kid is able to clear that else would not be able to participate in car racing or any driving activity.
  10. Don’t force the kid to do an activity for the shake of the Kidzos only, let the kid decide what they want to do.
  11. Fireman activity is much adored by kids as its thrilling and they get to play with water. So you have to keep a strong watch to let ur kid be a part of it as it gets filled fast. And let your kid wait for it in the queue as this one is worth it.
  12. Keep the first floor activities once you are done with the ground floor activities.
  13. Dont miss to deposit the balance in the end at the bank. Bank is open till 9 pm. Unlike the place that goes completely out at 8:30.
  14. You may explore shopping at the shops inside or at the exit.
  15. If Kids get hungry then you may also take them to Culinary studio where they can cook and eat.
  16. Don’t keep standing while the kid is doing activity. It’s better you sit so that you are re energized.
  17. The photographer keeps randomly taking pictures and tagging ur kids identification number so that you may check and take the pictures in the end. 1 picture is for 350/-.
  18. One parent is allowed with one kid ticket.

Start early so that the kids has a lot a time to explore as much as possible and after activity do buck them up on the total money they have earned to keep up the enery.

Happy Kidzania to You.

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