Kaab-e-mashooq Recipe (Apple Sweet Dish) 

The best part of being a food reviewer is the fact not only you get invites to the best food festivals in town but you also get to spend some quality time with the masters from the kitchen – The chefs of 5 star hotels while they share amazing journeys of picking a dish,  experiments that results in amazing dishes which we only relish but don’t realize how much efforts goes in making that perfect bite. 

So this particular recipe that I tried at home was as per the explanation which Chef Ashwani Singh from Leela Hotel gave me during my visit of the Dinning with Maharajas – Season 1. He insisted on trying this and after we had it,  he explained the recipe And the cuisines was awadhi and what I tried my hands on was this Apple sweetdish if you can spot the one wrapped in silver foil next to the green bowl in the plate 

The name of the dessert is Kaab e mashooq and has Apple as one of the key ingredient. While hearing to his narration of the recipe I was sure I ll try this for sure.


  • A Bowl of sugar for making Sugar syrup (Chashni) 
  • Milkmaid Or Khoya
  • 2 Big size Apples 
  • Few cloves to hold the apple wraps 


  • Slice the apples towards the length from the sides to make a thin circular slices as shown in the picture.
  • Make Sugar syrup by boiling sugar with equal amount of water. And let it come to a consistency. 
  • Now Add Slices of Apple and let it cool down. 

  • The Apple is cooked in the heat of the Sugar syrup while it cools down and becomes manageable to put the filling and roll
  •  for filling Add milk powder to the Milkmaid Or coconut powder to change the state of milk maid from liquid to semi solid. You may also use any burfi for the filling or gulkand 
  • Take out the Apple slice that is soaked in Sugar syrup and put the filling and roll. You may insert a clove to hold it as shown in picture and your Dish is ready. 

Try it at home, and dine like Maharajas with recipe from the Kitchen of Maharajas. 

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