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Echoes Bangalore 

Echoes - Bangalore

Having been to one of the silent restaurant in Delhi,  Echoes had been on my must-visit list at Delhi and I didn’t know that I will get to visit Echoes in Bangalore while I so wanted to go to the Delhi one.

This place has taken me completely by surprise the way they have used the technology and combination of sign language to put you on a mute in this noisy world.

Since I have been to a Deaf operated restaurant so I definitely knew that I ll get to see a wall that would decode all alphabets in sign language.

Entry spoke of the love tales the restaurant had been getting in form of these small hand written notes praising the service,  food and concept.

As we were seated we saw the switchboard on each table,  asking us to press the button for someone to attend us. this was super cool. for anything and everything that we needed here we simply pressed the bell that was connected to a light on the counter and a smiling face was at our service immediately after acknowledging the bell.

Have a look at how it works. don’t miss spot 2 people engaged in sign language at the counter.

Now once you are attended you are given the menu and an ordering pad. Here you have to help yourself. By looking at the menu and picking up the codes of the food you wanted to order and marking it with quantity for each of the item ordered.

Eg: F for waffles along with F10 for ice cream as an add-on with waffles.

They will bring a slip marking confirmation of each order you have placed. This probably avoids any confusion on the order part. And the final bill is made basis the slips.

For anything else you need apart from the items on the menu they have made it into a cool queue cards and placed on each table so you can just flash what u want – fork, water,  menu etc and it comes to your table.

The walls around are  more than just quotes they actually speak in motivating words

Overall a great experience at this place. The lane where echoes are located is cluttered with a lot of restaurants but this one is a class apart for everything it offers and the way it caters to you touching not just your taste but your heart too. This is the first review where I have not discussed or reviewed the food as this place is beyond food, it’s an echo that reaches your heart as you dine here.

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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