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Papa Buns now in Indirapuram

When you see a new concept in food retailing , you always want to have it around ,  nearer to your resident so that you don’t have to wish for a time machine to help you in the hour of craving. 

Ever since the Satyaniketan store of Papa Bun started appearing in Insta feeds, I was so looking forward to visit this place as it was doing Fresh breads menu ( May be subway of India – We bake every day ). And never knew when you are seeking for something it’s equally  seeking for you. 

Mr Amit Mathur – a food enthusiast himself decides to open a Papa Bun in Indirapuram at a walking distance from my place. And I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to just go and grab these yummy looking bread and bun dishes, probably that’s where they have got this name “Papa Buns”. So let me take you on a BUNilicious journey of Papa Buns at Indirapuram centre. 

Opened at GC grand street market, probably one of the least crowded street in Indirapuram at of now, as compared to Windsor street that is becoming highly crowded and unhygienic these day. This place has a created a sitting  5 tables inside serving around 20 people at a go sitting inside the cute little store,  along with an open air street sitting just in front. So choose a point as per the hour of the day and weather of course. 

So while we went through the menu, and shortlisted what we wanted to have. The moment we were placing the order, the staff  gave us a disclaimer that order will take some time as we guys bake fresh buns and breads . so you may  please order for your drinks. And when I see coffee on the menu,  every thing else just disappears for me from the menu,  while my sister had a mint mojito.

And initally we were not very happy that order is going to take time. But then we were happy that we could actually chat over the drinks while  the food was getting ready.and tge food we waited for was worth the wait for the aroma,  freshness and off course droolworthy taste. 

Paneer Bun : This might look like a father of burger or let me call it mother burger at the filling pops out as u dig in it since its in form of a bun to you choose it from the Bun section. But the moment you bite on it, you know the difference between a papa bun and a burger. I am not sure if I can say this is more manageable while you eat but for sure this is far more tasty than a burger or a bakery bun. And why I am saying this is because this is freshly made right for you. And French fries with dips help you while you wait for your bun to cool down a bit.

Paneer Makhani Bunny Chow : That was a dish purely for the photo love of these Insta pics from the loaf of bread oozing with a gravy making it something to hog on. Trust me this was the best ever Paneer Makhani I had in Indirapuram. A gravy that’s made with perfection, great on consistency and Paneer cubes not budgeted the way they are when a vegetarian family orders for a Paneer mains. For sometime you just wanted to enjoy the site of this dish before bring the bread wall down, to let the Makhani volcano out.

If you are at Papa Bun what you should really wait for and keep some space is the monster bun –  Chocolate Bun. 

I strongly feel this should be a part of dessert not the buns. And if complimented with ice cream this is a out of the world dish. Fresh crispy bun outside and melted chocolate inside. And if you can’t handle chocolate please don’t order this.

Few other stuff we tried our hands on was Arabiata Pasta and it was good too. 

So what’s this place overall. It’s a great stopover for people who are looking for some experimental food from across the globe, served in a small cute space after all taste is all that matters. So why across the globe,  well the answer is in the 1st page of the menu The BUns are from Mexico & Malaysia,k  Mojhito from Spain, Pasta from Italy, Bunny chow from South Africa , hummus and Pita bread from Middle East, and off course Akka Briyani from India.  So take your pick but do try the bunny chow and bun dishes as that’s what they Specialise into. 

Let’s come to pricing,  this place is surprisingly priced before my expectations. And when I asked the same from the owners then they are pretty clear we want people to try is everyday not just occasionally. Make sense, go through the pricing under it ll further make more sense.

#Buns – starts from 99 for a classic goes up to 149 for chicken on. And 1 is just a complete meal

 #Bunny chow – 199 for a vegetarian to a Rs. 279 for mutton Nihari. The quantity of a gravy dishes are more than the normal main course dish. And half a loaf of bread makes it a complete dish.

#Pasta :starts from 159 to 179 only 

# Hummus Pita bread starts for 99 

#Snacks : fries,  wedges,  patties all under 100/-

#Pizza starts at 149 and goes up to 219/-

#Drinks : Hot and cold beverage options all between 60 to 90 /- 

# Desserts – 11 options to choose from all between 79 to 119/- 

And you also get something Under 20 yes cookies for just 15/- 

So what are you waiting for,  if you are a foodie or looking for any of the above in Noida and Indirapuram, look no further just hit this place or call for Home delivery.  

G-10, GC Grand Market, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Timing : 11 am to 11 pm
Home delivery available
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