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Too Indian : Too much to shop 

So while everyone is hitting on the Innovative food that this place is serving. I am dead sure this place must be serving great food undoubtedly coming from the  makers of imly,  its ought to happen. So giving food a miss,  food2go4 decided to look around at this shoppers paradise on the first visit after the launch of this place.

And this place truly had too much to offer and everything too Indian. Too Indian is planned with an eye to every single detail. No wonder this place was conceived almost 11 months ago and the makers Mr. Varun Puri & Mr. Hemant  had nurtured this place really well more than what a mother could.

I had been hunting for a place where I can take my kids & engage them in something constructive & this place will do the job  of engaging and entertaining the kids. A sitting that is so comfortable & a place that is designed with a lot of nature around.

Natural light lits up the place with a green view off the window.dont miss the real plants on the table.

Even the tissue says #GoGreen

So let’s explore what all one can shop from the curated shopping options that are too desi at too Indian.

Home decor : so this place is super high on the cute little things for home decor and the best part is all of this is on sale at the store.  From planters to photoframes,  flower vase to jars.

Kitchen ware at Too Indian 

Undoubtedly if this place serves food with a cult cutlery with a touch of nature into, so obviously it ll have a cult kitchenware. A mug for every mood and every size of drink. Colors to simply die for, I just loved the blue jug

And don’t miss the shapes of the mugs and off course the one for the little one too.

Even the pet bottles and the sippers are super cool.

And yes they have various size of beer 🍻 mugs as well.. So pick one that suits ur personality and capacity.

Desi Cow ghee :

So if you are looking for pure cow ghee for performing pooja rituals or for normal consumption, don’t think twice. In case you are thinking why cow ghee then let me tell you cow ghee is more healthy than the normal ghee available in the market. As cow ghee has essentially nutrients, antioxidants, anti bacterial , antiviral and anti fungal so right now is the time to hit The too Indian restaurant and pick up your healthy dose. The assortment of ghee is by Vikrant Pawa.



Oil free Pickles : Almost all of us had carried a tiffin to school with pickle oil literally giving a oil shower to our bag. Here’s a pickle that is oil free , well these are murabass.

Little farm pickle : so the options are Adarak Hari mirch,  jalapeno isn’t it interesting stuff.

Non veg Pickles  : yes I am serious, now a days there are a lot of restaurants who are already serving non veg pickles and here you have an option to pick a pack of your own. Rs. 200/ per jar and thats less than any non veg dish on a menu.

Namkeen,  Papads and more 

So you can pick up Nada Pakora,  ajwain Maddi, flavored Makanaswith Pudina , Curry leaves , Mullu murruku from food cloud.

Artisan Palate Sugar : I am sure you are wondering what a artisan Palate sugar is well so here’s your pick Cinnamon & Vanilla, Espresso dark chocolate, salted caramel.

Artisan palate salt : just like sugar here you have salts again in lots of variants and all international like Italian herb & red wine vinegar, schezuvan pepper chilli.

Granola from  All Right: who doesn‘t know of the benefits of granola now pick a cute bottle loaded with nuts.Granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats,honey nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar and sometimes even puffed rice that is usually baked till crisp. So grab your  healthy breakfast now.

Spices (Masala)  If we are talking of Indian food and the thing that’s the most essential part of Indian cooking is the masala’s that are used in the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder probably ours are the only cuisine where if we have the widest range of spices. And no wonder there is movie with our miss world Aishwarya ” Mistress of spices “. So here are your cute masala packets fully Indian at Too Indian.

Kids space by Big Balloon : This is my sole reason to be in love with this place for my kids. The elephants are super cute available in 2 poses,  I had picked 2 on the day of inauguration and costed me 200 each while it is priced Rs. 250 each. The best part about these stuffies is that they can be colored by your little one. And they are washable removing all color and making it reusable. ( though I am yet to wash it since both of them don’t leave the 🐘s alone)

Look at the colored version of my elephants 🐘 done by my little ones.

The other cute stuff for kids photoframes with pencils, minion Peggie bank, funky alarm clocks,  cute fans ,  just have a look.

Candies : well don’t go on the literal sense,  as of now it was the Amla candy. While you never know they start giving out candies as well. And these jars are little cuties ans reusable once you run out of the candies.

Bakery & more : Munch it all from an assortment of cookies and baked madris , namakpara  from foodcloud, loads of assorted cookies in various colors and flavors from Mom Made and hey grain. These boxes are in the range of 200 to 300 and worth it for the quality may be not quantity. So for food thumbrule is go for quality.

And all these from Hey Grain has awesome variants for the oats lovers with peanut butter oats, Honey oatmeal, chocolate oatmeal and an almond options like almond biscuit.

Another option is from Home made and the variants are healthy. Gluten free and  mind blowing. They have rose fennel, ragi almond and pickle cookies and all this made with whole wheat.

The Gourmet Jar : if you love jams and preserves than you definitely have these wide jars to pick from “The Gourmet Jar ” and yet again there are multiple options to pick from like Mango Jalapeno for the Jalapeno lovers, Raspberry Strawberry preserve for the berry lovers. Priced at Rs. 275 /- these are natural,  pure,  handmade and with no chemicals.

So if you are going to Too Indian it’s a must to carry back a bit of Indianess with you back home. And most of the stuff is directly coming from the makers so pricing is something that they have already taken care of. “Khaane ka maaja khilane and Shopping ka maaja khaa K shopping Karke aane main.” So keep eating and keep shopping and you can do this at Too Indian.

I have always loved the concept of Retail with food be it the jewellery section of Junglee Billi or the pop up shops at wok in clouds and other restaurants. But this one by far had the largest variety and everything getting equal Display space #NoDisparity

Keep Shopping Stay Happy.

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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