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Lotus Pond – A classy Chinese restaurant since 1992

food2go4 Lotus Pond

Few places don’t change & that’s what there strength is. And that makes them stand out from the rest of the lot.

The love for food & travel takes me places , and I love exploring places that had been there for a long time. Probably their longer stint and still going strong talks a lot about their core DNA of being in the business of wooing customers with great food & unmatched experience.Started in 1992, this place had been serving amazing Chinese food  since then at New defense colony just adjoining hotel Surya Plaza.

Lotus pond is going to be the first restaurant on my list where I would want to take my family out for lunch or dinner when they visit me in Delhi And want to saver Chinese cuisine.

Why you ask?

Well the answer is in the below picture. Yes a place that can house us all on one table and we can still look at each other without having to twist our  body while talking to one another unlike when we sit on long tables and more than that  passing a dish is yet another weight lifting exercise that happens. Yes this is the perfect solution. I was really close to picking up a table like this for my place while getting our furniture done.

Let’s have a look at the Food

Soup : Tom Kha

A Thai delicacy for a perfect beginning of an oriental Chinese cuisines at Lotus pond.

Mocktails : Till recently they were serving alcohol but ever since the new ruling came for 500 mtr around highway they have stopped serving Alcohol.

Anyways I don’t take alcoholic drink some opted for the following 2 drinks , all for my love for Banana and coconut and pineapples. All Mocktails are priced at a fixed price of 295/- so pick any from

So here is Hawaiian sunrise  on right a mocktail with blend of juices on banana and strawberry crush while the one on left is Summer Passion a blend of coconut milk  and pineapple juice.


Crispy Waterchestnuts in butter chilli garlic priced at 420/-

Cottage cheese fingers with Red chilli and Basil priced at 420/- is just the right starter to have for a moderately spicy palate.

In Main course we opted for something light as we really had enough food already.So went for stir fried vegetable bokchoy , fried rice and noodles.

food2go4 Lotus Pond
food2go4 Lotus Pond
Stir Fried Zucchini, Bokchoy, Beancurd & Exotic Mushrooms in Blackbean Sauce priced at  445/-

And comes the most interesting section of food that is my heart yes the desserts. I have heard a lot about their Mocha rage. And everyone was like this is the best dessert to have. I thought of trying it and thus asked for Mocha Rage ( Rs. 395 /- ) and a fried ice cream (Rs. 345/-)

And the Devilish mocha rage was served with 2 scoops of ice cream – a scoop of chocolate flavor and another coffee flavour with a huge peice of chocolate fantasy. This is pure Bliss,Loaded with chocolate truly foodgasmic. I could not imagine coffee and chocolate flavors will go so well to make such an outstanding dessert. And trust me the picture doesn’t do any justice to the taste here.

Fried Ice cream was good too but actually we shouldnt have ordered anything else. As when you are having the best stay with it.

Overall a good Ambience , great food and good service. Recommendation is to definitely try Mocha rage and keep some space to relish it in the end though you can try it in the beginning too.

Lotus Pond
K-185, Surai Jullena, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Timings : 12:30 PM to 3:15 PM, 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM
011 26849101
011 26839526
098189 99722

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