Swiss Naturens Gravy  Kebabs Recipe 

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When you are in a nuclear family and you have only one person who loves non veg among three housemates. It all gets down to quantities of non vegetarian dishes cooked at home.

In my quest of a balancing act,  I am constantly looking at creating recipes using the same ingredients. So while I had chicken Tandoori Kabab from the #SwissnaturensGrillez for breakfast . I used remaining  4 Kebabs to create a gravy dish for Lunch.


So here’s all  that you need


For making the gravy paste : 2 onion,  garlic and ginger paste, momos red chutney for flavor & color,  2 green chillies.

For enhancing flavor : Cinnamon , black cardamom, black pepper, few cloves of Laung.

& Meat Masala

The process is very very simple like any other gravy dish put all the ingredients of gravy masala into a grinder. And fry the SwissnaturensGrillez Tandoori chicken Kebabs and keep aside.

Add oil in a cooking pan,  add cumin seeds and all the flavor enhances and let them pop.

Add gravy Masala and keep cooking it till entire thing turns golden brown and starts leaving oil on sides. Ad Meat masala to this.

Add a Tomato puree and let it cook for 5 mins , this is optional.

Now take the hero ingredient , yes off course our Chicken Kebabs. Stuff them with home made malai or milk creme.

Now add it to the gravy and let it cook on sim gas for next 15-20 min.

Your tasty Chicken Kebab gravy is ready to eat. Garnish it and serve.


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