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A Grill Company – Food Beyond grill 

A Grill Company – A place to enjoy food beyond just the grill.Yes, might sound unreal but for me this place had so much to offer beyond just the live grill on the table as the name says loud and clear. 

Pan had been one of my favorite flavors when it’s about picking up kulfi. This place offers a Mocktail – PanTini , it’s a Mocktail in Pan flavor and has dried prunes and gulkand in it made in milk base and served with a bettle leaf on it. 

And for the first time ever had 2 in a row same Mocktail. 

Moving on to Food to go for snacks,  this place is a full on chemistry lab. Shocked,  but it’s true this place has a lot of dishes where they play with liquid nitrogen to be cool. Yes and we had two of these things 

Nacho‘s Chaat

This is a fun thing to watch from their live entertainment section. curd was dropped in liquid nitrogen and it popped up like popcorn in a cooker,  must say a real treat to eyes. Then it was added on a plate of nachos along side chopped veggies and sauces. 

Isn’t it looking like popcorn chaat only. 

Deconstructed Dahi vada Sundae 

This is a must try variation of dahi bada , the color of this added so much to its visual appeal .

Such a presentation that you can’t really control yourself.

Golgappa Pani in Test tube 

So while I mentioned that you are in a chemistry lab, my saying so was based upon the names of their  dishes and their presentation and preparation. Even simple golgappa comes with Panni in small bottles and sauces /chutneys in syringe in a wooden box similar to what we used to have in our chemistry labs for keeping weights 

Palak K chilled Pakode 

Again another Molecular experiment with Palak K Pakode , where half done Pakode were emersed in liquid nitrogen and they popped out as chilled Pakode. Be careful if you have sensitive teeth then this is not for you, else relish on this thande thande pakode.

After all I didn’t had much appetite to check out their range of a nice spread of Buffet. But have a look at the spread which I could not enjoy much since I was already full with my double dose of Paantini.

So all in all a complete package of beautiful space, lovely ambiance , colorful setting,  amazing grill , wide spread of buffet and yummy food all that matters to make  a great dine in place and A Grill Company is your company for all of this at a great price.
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