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Everything Sweet for Diwali Gifting at Pacific Mall

Diwali is not just lights and gifts but also loaded with a variety of sweets & dry fruits which either become the gifting options or compliments the gifts as sides along with the gifts. And these days we are definitely have loads of options from chocolates to sweets to dry fruits and now donuts & Popcorns too and all of this at great prices. Here's a quick guide on sweets shopping you can go for at #PacificMall

Diwali is a festival of lights and gifting, even before we get into the lights for this festival we need to first fix up the gifting for our loved ones. And looking for that perfect gift for our friends and family is no less than a task that leaves us completely drained before the festival.

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So herein making your gift choices and shopping easier this Diwali at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, Just like Select CITYWALK Mall (click here for complete Gifting guide ), this mall has got a lot of gifting options and has more sweet options then any other place, So let me take you on a spoilt with choice ride of Gifting options under one roof – Pacific Mall, Tagore garden spread across the floors in the Mall.

Lets pick something sweet for your sweet ones

Diwali is not just lights and gifts but also loaded with a variety of sweets & dry fruits which either become the gifting options or compliments the gifts as sides along with the gifts. And these days we are definitely have loads of options from chocolates to sweets to dry fruits and now donuts & Popcorns  too and all of this at great prices. lets have a quick look on what all options they have for you at #PacificMall

Dunkin Donuts : 

A Donut box is more than  just something sweet and the Donut cakes is a great way to do it.You can Indulge in Dunkin’ Donut Cakes in three glorious variants. Choco Strawberry, Choco Rum & Raisins and Double Choco Chips. Part donut, part cake, wholly sweet. All, needless to say, 100% eggless and is a great giveaway with the gift or just this sweet surprise for Rs. 399/- comes in a lovely Packaging so you are sorted for sweet gifting.




Mad Over Donuts

So if you love donuts from Mad over Donuts then M.O.D. should be your Diwali gifting option as well, with a range of donuts and cup cakes to create a combination in a donut cake, there are also having a nice concept with the following option. So why not create your “HAPPY DIWALI” with the donuts and make it interesting along with something sweet.Heaven for chocolate lovers, they have come up with some very exciting range of exclusive chocolate donuts.


4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn 

4700 BC is India’s 1st Gourmet Popcorn Brand serving more than 18 Flavours across Cheese, Caramel, Chocolate and Candy .Popcorn are the new gifting options, with packaging in a tin box and a price range starting 199 -600/- depending upon the size chosen this is a great add on to your gifting. Pick up from your favorite flavors to create a unique gifting. And the box comes in black and white color option which is then used for keeping something more sweet.You can also buy it online.


Pick a flavor of choice
A Box thats a festival glitter


Dont be surprised to have this option included in Diwali gifting shopping, yes they are beyond just a cup of coffee. While in India one needs to be like Indians. So STARBUCKS has come up with a lovely basket which can be customized as per your choice of gifting, and in case you want a ready-made solution then they also have a lot of pre packaged chocolates and other stuff for a gift on the go. A box of 24 pieces of chocolate is for Rs. 1200/- while a box of 16 chocolate comes for 800/- Also feel free to pick up the coffee mugs that shouts loud “India” or a coffee / tea tumbler which is again my all time favorite pick. Range for the gifts starts from 600/- and  1500 onwards for the basket assortments of your heres to sweet endings and even sweeter beginnings, treat your loved ones with#StarbucksGiftSets

Truly Flavors of Festival




Now the range here is bigger and better than any other Barista cafe i have so far come across this month, A range that starts for 200/- goes up to 1000/- and is complimented with a lovely assortment of handpicked coffee/ tea boxes , cookie coxes, mugs and cups. This is a perfect on the go gift to be picked up by confused shoppers. Store is in the basement just in front of the travellators.


Punjab Grill 

So while you always knew this place as a fine dining and on the top floor just next to PVR, Now you would also like it for their Diwali gifting options, How ? to answer Savour  the catering arm for Lite Bite Foods that owns the Brand “PUNJAB GRILL ” has specially curated Diwali hampers For you to share the joy and sweetness of this festival. The gift pack comes in a lovely packaging with 2 options to go for, one is a chocolate box  with 12  dry fruit chocolates for Rs. 300/- while the other is an assortment of cookies , cakes , chocolate and candle which can be customized as per requirement at a price range of Rs. 1500/- to 2100/-. The best part is you don’t have to carry this yourself, just place an order at the store and it will delivered to your doorstep.So sit back and relax while the best is delivered.


More than ust a gift
12 Piece Chocolate box of Rs. 300/-


This point does not need any introduction, Haldiram’s is a household name for sweets and has the most sorted gifting options available for any shopper. From dry fruits to sweet boxes and chocolates, they have simply axed the packaging and with these pre packaged gifting options this place serves for the perfect wholesome or add on gifts of something more than sweet. And range starts from 200/- and goes upto 2000/-. And who doesnt get a box of Soan Papdi every diwali.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-22-at-11-28-14-ampacific mall haldiramwhatsapp-image-2016-10-22-at-11-28-17-am-1

And if sweets is not your way of gifting then you may watch out for the next blog that has everything that is not sweet at all but worth a Gift.

So make it a sugar coated Diwali while shopping for Gift options across any of the 7 options which are to sweet to miss out on as a gifting option.

“Happy Diwali Gifting Shopping at Pacific Mall”

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