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Parsi Food Festival at Made In India Noida

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Of All the people Parsis take their food very seriously. No wonder, since Parsi cuisine perfectly combines together Iranian, Gujarati, British, even Portuguese and Goan influences in their food preparations and recipes.

When one is constantly on a look out for food  and searching  for most authentic cuisine, how can one say no to a festival like a Parsi food festival,  an annual event hosted by  Made in India at Radisson Blu Noida, specially when a Chef bought up in a Parsi Caterers family is going to do live demos of most authentic way of cooking Parsi Food.


Made in IndiaTM (MII), an award-winning Indian restaurant is a reflection of culinary time.The restaurant creates a theatrical experience by exaggerating objects which are predominant in India’s centuries old history. The Prakash Yantra is a modern version of Jantar Mantar along with “THE MAHARAJA TABLE” a virtual chess board which adds to the royalty to the restaurant graphics and miniature paintings are used extensively as decoration on the ceiling blended with light hues to create an ethereal space. Menu offers traditional Indian masterpieces, some rare and forgotten recipes as well as the “Futuristic cuisine” which marks the evolution of the Indian cuisine as it would be desired by the future palate.


We were invited for a Parsi lunch along with live demos of a Vegetarian and non veg dish by Chef Master Chef Kaizad Patel, who has curated a special menu for this  ten day long culinary festival – Parsi Food Festival happening from 14-23rd Oct 2016 , with some of the most authentic and traditional signature dishes from the Parsi kitchen, including a great mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, like Bhujeli Kaleji, Kid Gosht and Chapat, amongst many others mouth-watering.

Every Parsi food has a typical spice called Parsi sambhar, so what is Parsi Sambhar. Parsi sambhar has four predominant ingredients – Red chilli , dry mango powder (Aamchur ), salt , little bit of hing and garlic, so these are like most basic ingredients of a authentic  parsi sambhar basically sticking to the roots but you may find a lot of variations to this.

Check the Video with Chef Kaizad – Click here 

So what we had on the menu for the Parsi Lunch at Made in India, here is a quick list


And of course being a vegetarian (and eggiterian too ) i really enjoyed the Vegetarian dishes in starters  Makkai Cheese Na Pattice followed by Main course with  Bhindi Sambhariya , Patara Nu Paneer (click here for recipe ), egg preparation – Wafer Per Eedu, and Finally the  desserts – Chapat with Parsi Peg Ice cream ( Rum Ice cream  with a very strong rum flavor ) & my favorite of all from the Parsi food from today’s menu was Lagan Nu Custard. Lagan Nu custard is an Indian flavored custard  with Nutmeg and charoli (Chirongee ) and trust me it was out of this word.

Makkai Cheese Pattice
Bhujeli Kaleji ( Chicken Liver )
Patara Nu Paneer
Wafer Na Eedu
Bhindi Sabhariya
Saali Jardaalu Murgi (Chicken dish )
Tarapori Prawn Patio ( Prawn Goan Curry )
Vegetable Pulav Dal
Lagan Nu Custard and Capat with Parsi Peg Ice cream

Overall a great Parsian cuisine experience it was and the food was really tasty, complimented with a good service ,  Virgin Mojito and Lichi Sensation to drink with the meals for a refreshing lunch.


Someone said that the beauty lies in small details and i was very delighted to see the mouth freshner range of Made in India which has given space to jaggery here, Is it Parsi or a part of Indian tradition but this was really very cute.

Steal the stone heart moment – Jaggery as mouth freshner

So if you crave for Parsi Food head straight for the authentic Parsi cuisine at Made In India at Radisson Blu Noida before 23rd Oct. And in case you miss it dont worry it ll be back next year as well.

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