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Navratri Food @ DLF Mall of India

food2go4 Navratra thalli

Its Navratra going on and the people who are fasting or not fasting still are on a look out for feasting on the special menu put forward for these nine days by most of the food joints in the city.

The food not only looks inviting enough to order but also comes with a disclaimer valid for 9 days only. And anything when is time based becomes much more valuable like the teenage.

So while i am constantly on my Navratra food trail in the city exploring different places with their navrtri offerings , this one particularly covers #DLFMallOfIndia Noida.

This blog would cover 3 outlets i tried in DLF Mall of India for Navratri food(on 3 trips to this mall )

  • Chaayos
  • Imly
  • Shree Rathnam


 “ShreeRathnam”  -the standalone pure vegetarian restaurant launched its first outlet at Paschim Vihar in the year 2012 with a motive to offer finest and freshest, authentic South Indian food. while they serve a great range of south indian food, the navratra offering which i had at their outlet was equally good. A sign board right outside the store paves the way for your navratra food dinning at this place.



Went for a fresh water melon juice and it was very very refreshing along with a Navratra thalli priced at Rs. 325/- plus taxes is a good buy. And anyways you dont have much choice as thats the only thing in Navratra menu on offer.


The food came in a steel thalli since this is a fine dine restaurant, with 3 vegetables – Arbi ki sabji , aaloo tamater and Paneer makhani served with sama rice, fruit salad, chaach , pooris , papad and kheer. Overall everything was good on taste and a completely value for money.

Imly : Imly is in the food court of the mall and quite frequently visited option on my list, they are serving vrat bhoj in an imlicious way, and the menu is quite elaborate with quite a lot options to choose from.


But when in doubt go for Navratra thalli as it comes loaded with options. Priced at Rs. 295/- plus taxes its a good deal.It had paneer makani, pumpkin ki sabji and aaloo sabji served with sabudana kheer , sabudana khicdi , fruit salad and pakora along side poori and papad. Strongly recommended for its great taste.


Chaayos :

What a lovely display of the Navratra menu right on the counter where you place the order complimented with the Dhandia sticks. Offering a Navratri combo priced at Rs. 199/- plus taxes, how can you not place order for such an inviting offer, i went for a cup of tea and ended up ordering for this combo after my Kullad ginger tea.


So this combo has 3 things – sama rice khichdi loaded with peanuts, sama rice kheer and Sabudana tikki. perfectly crispy tikkis served with hari chutney. And truly loved the concept of serving the chilled kheer in kullad.



And in case you are not able to consume this platter or want to get it home delivered they have these absolutely cute packing.

So if you are at DLF Mall of India and planning for a Lunch , breakfast or dinner with Navratra special food then you can choose any of the above options depending upon your appetite and choice of food.


A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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