Do your July Right with Indigo Deli turning 12

What more can you ask for when you get a special handcrafted menu of 12 signature dishes by the twelve talented chefs of Indigo Deli. The menu will be available from 30th June to 6th of July, 2017 at all Indigo Deli outlets and then as a stand-alone dish in the chef’s respective store.


Eat like a Japanese in the Heart of Delhi @ Guppy

Whenever it is about Japanese food the first thing that hits us is Sushi – undoubtedly the most famous Japanese food. Explore the world of Sushi’s and beyond at Guppy on Lodhi Road right in the heart of the City for a feast with Japanese cuisine.

Hearken Cafe – Let your hands echo your words

Hearken cafe Review : By far this place has touched more than just my taste buds, a place that truly is beyond the food on flatter, a visit that you relish and cherish for the memories made.
Hearken is a deaf-run cafe/ co-working space located in Shahpur Jat,an urban village of Delhi serving fusion food bringing together flavors of Europe